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Hello Boston Laser, I’m really happy they way you proffecional staff treat me the last time I got my LASIK surgery back in May 2012. I’m really thankful everything went well. I really enjoyed that experience. My eyes are working perfectly, I’m referring friends to your office . I know they will not be disappointed with Dr. Melki . Thanks again Dr. Melki and his entire proffecional staff.
Thank you,

Joel Sosa

It’s been 1 week since Dr. Melki and his team performed LASEK surgery on my eyes. I have not been able to see without glasses or contacts in about 25 years and I was really nervous to get the procedure done. First and foremost, the staff was so helpful and made me feel comfortable throughout the whole procedure. I am extremely pleased with the results of Dr. Melki’s work..I went in for my check up today and I am already at 20/40 vision!! This was such a great experience and well worth it. I would recommend Boston Laser to anyone who is looking to get LASIK OR LASEK. Thanks!

Anjali H.

It’s been a week and a half since I had Lasik. The day after check up I had 20/20 vision!!! Not bad for a guy whose had to wear glasses since second grade. Dr Melki and Staff were great!!! All of my questions were answered and there was no feeling of not knowing what to expect at any point through the process. I would and have recommended Boston Laser to people. Thank You!!

Jeff C.

Just got home from my follow-up appointment at Boston Laser… and was ecstatic to learn that I now have 20/15 vision!!! It is nothing short of amazing that five days ago I was blind as a bat and now I have better than perfect vision! For anyone who is sick of contacts or glasses, I absolutely recommend Boston Laser. I was 100% satisfied with my experience. Great team of people there!

Brianne L.

It has been a week since I got the LASIK procedure and it has been great! First time ever in my life I can see clearly. No more blurry world! I definitely did the procedure for my newborn son, I can see him clearly now; very happy daddy! The team at www.bostonlaser.com did a great job and treated me very good. I had a very good experience and I definitely recommend it for anyone who is still on the fence about the procedure. Thank you Boston Laser team!

Angel A.

I had LASEK performed just over one week ago. I am 55 years old and was on the fence about doing the surgery at this point in my life, but now I am enjoying my great vision and I am looking forward not having to worry about misplacing my contacts as I age and my memory goes…hahaha. Check out their website or have a consultation at this efficient center.

Robert Q.

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