3 Questions to Ask Before Your LASIK Procedure

If you are having LASIK to correct your vision, then you need to be informed before your procedure. It is crucial that you sit down and ask questions before your laser eye surgery appointment. Here are three questions you should ask before you decide to undergo the LASIK procedure:

  1. What Kind of Results Can I Expect? Before you have your eye surgery, it is a good idea to know what kind of outcome you can reasonably expect. Your individual eye condition, your personal vision, and your unique vision needs will all determine the exact tuning of the laser for your eye surgery. Each of these aspects will also play a role in determining your outcome. Ask your vision specialist or eye surgeon to help you understand your expected success after your LASIK procedure.
  2. How Many LASIK Procedures Have You Done on People Like Me? Ask your eye surgeon about his or her experience with cases that are similar to yours so that you’ll know what kind of outcome to expect. The more experience your eye surgeon has with people whose eye conditions are similar to yours, the smoother your procedure will go, and the better your results will be. Experience is essential for the best outcome in any surgical procedure.
  3. How Long Before I See Full Results? As soon as you are done with your procedure, you won’t have the clear vision that you can expect in a few days or weeks, although there will be a marked improvement right away. You may experience problems with your night vision for as long as a year, but after a year, the odds of that issue continuing will be minimal. Full results for you will be different from full results for someone else, as the success of laser vision correction surgery depends on the degree of the vision problem before surgery.

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