Contoura® Vision

At our Boston-area offices, we offer the most state-of-the-art technology available for your LASIK experience. With advanced tools, our ophthalmologists can develop a precise and effective treatment plan for your specific needs so you enjoy the best results possible with laser corrective surgery.

What is Contoura® Vision?

Contoura® Vision is a diagnostic tool designed to elevate your LASIK procedure. Using topography imaging, Vision can create a 3D map of your corneal irregularities including factors like shape and texture. In fact, it’s so precise that it can map up to 22,000 unique points of elevation on each eye. This topographic map is then used to customize your LASIK procedure with unparalleled accuracy and effectiveness. Topo-guided Contoura® Vision is a way to achieve the best results possible with LASIK with the lowest risk of complications and side effects.

“Dr. Brenner and the entire staff at BV (both Brookline and Milford) are nothing short of AMAZING. He was very informative and thorough in reassuring me about my decision on getting lasik. The entire process was swift, but informative and attentive. 12/5 stars!”
- Bruna D.S.

Who is Eligible for Contoura® Vision?

Good candidates for Contoura® Vision are good candidates for LASIK. This means you have blurry vision and have a certain degree or less of astigmatism. You’re also 18 or older and have had no changes in your prescription in the last year. If you’re considering if LASIK is right for you, take our free LASIK self-test.

Results and Recovery from Contoura® Vision

Recovery after LASIK with Contoura® Vision is similar to traditional LASIK. However, it has been shown to produce better outcomes like clearer vision and a reduction in difficulties with night vision. This makes it one of the most worthwhile investments in your vision available.

Contoura® Vision in Boston, MA

Our experienced team offers some of the best and most advanced laser vision correction technology in the Boston area. During a consultation, we can discuss your options and explain how Contoura® Vision can transform your LASIK procedure. To get started, schedule your appointment by calling our Boston-area locations or filling out our online form.