FS200 Blade-Free LASIK Laser

At Boston LASIK, we stay on the cutting edge of technology to provide the highest quality and most customizable treatments for our patients, no matter their vision correction needs. So while traditional LASIK procedures are highly effective for many Bostonians who want permanent vision correction, we provide many options to ensure you get the results you want from laser eye surgery.

What is Blade-Free LASIK?

LASIK surgery techniques require creating a flap of tissue that is lifted away from the eye to gain better access to the cornea, which is reshaped by the laser. This flap is then replaced and heals naturally without stitches over the course of a few months.

In some circumstances, this flap is created physically with an extremely small blade. However, at Boston LASIK, we have the capability of creating this flap with laser energy, thanks to our WaveLight bladeless LASIK laser.

Using the WaveLight FS200 laser system, our doctors create an ultra-thin corneal flap in just a few seconds. This device, called a femtosecond laser, checks the position of the eye hundreds of times per second as it sends laser energy to selectively penetrate the cornea to create the flap, ensuring complete accuracy and control.

Meet Our Doctors

Over 9,000 procedures have been performed at Boston Lasik so far. Many celebrities have chosen Boston Lasik for their care including Baseball greats Jim Rice and Dom Dimaggio. Our surgeons have written four textbooks on Laser Vision Correction techniques and have designed several surgical instruments used in the procedures.

Benefits of Bladeless LASIK

We invested in the WaveLight LASIK laser to ensure the results our patients get from laser vision correction are consistently excellent and as personalized as they need to be. You see, your eyes are as unique as any part of your body, meaning no two LASIK procedures are the same. These laser devices allow our doctors to even more finely tune the process from the beginning, giving you the best chance at achieving perfect 20/20 vision.

In addition, blade-free LASIK is faster, more precise, and more comfortable than physical techniques of creating the corneal flap.

“Amazing service from the time I called for an appointment to the time I left the surgery room. I could not think of a better office to have worked on my eyes. Since my surgery, I now have 20/15 vision.”

- Emanuel C.

State-Of-The-Art LASIK Technology in Boston

To learn more about the technology we use to help correct your vision for life, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team by calling the nearest office to you or contact us online. Whether you’re just starting to consider this treatment or are narrowing down where you will have it done, our team of vision experts is happy to talk with you and answer any questions you have.

LASIK is a life-changing procedure that is only becoming more advanced and more precise with each new development in laser technology. Take advantage of the bladeless LASIK procedure and discover what it’s like to live life in perfect vision.