LASIK Financing

LASIK can come at a high price for some – but it’s one of the best ways to invest in your vision and reduce your dependency on glasses or contacts (ultimately saving money!). If you’re considering LASIK but worried about affording it, it’s worth knowing that there are plenty of ways to finance your procedure.

Alphaeon™ Credit

We offer Alphaeon™ Credit, a way to finance your LASIK procedure with the customizability you need for your budget. The benefits include:

  • Flexible monthly payment options to choose from
  • Special financing not available from traditional credit cards
  • Freedom to use your credit card for yourself or family members as long as you need 
  • No annual fees or reapplications


We additionally offer CareCredit, designed around health and wellness financing options that can be used for out of pocket expenses, items not covered by medical insurance, and offers options that might not be available with other card providers.

  • Flexible short term payment periods that can be broken into 6, 12, 18, 24 month installments
  • No interest charged on purchases over $200 or more when minimum payments are met and full amount is paid before promotional period.

Learn more about CareCredit here

LASIK Surgery in Boston, MA

During a free consultation with our team, we can help you understand your costs for LASIK and how you can make it a reality. To get started, book a free LASIK consultation with our team by calling our Boston-area offices or filling out our online contact form.