About Boston Lasik, we're

LASIK Experts

At Boston Lasik, we’re proud to offer expert care with the leading ophthalmologists in Boston. With a wide variety of options for laser vision correction, our team will make sure you’re comfortable, confident, and seeing clearly. During your free consultation, you’ll learn about our industry-leading techniques and technologies so you can feel positive you’ve chosen the best LASIK providers in Boston.

Over 20 Years Experience

The professionals at Boston Lasik have over 20 years of experience serving patients in their community through excellent and innovative eye care procedures. They are dedicated to quality care for patients as a private academic medicine practice. Each of the doctors at Boston Lasik values ongoing research and education, and our team is trained on the most cutting-edge procedures available.

Go Where The Pros Go

We have served some of Boston’s greatest athletes, often ahead of their best moments in sports. When the game is on the line, these athletes can’t let their vision compromise their talents and hard work. Our team helps these great athletes maintain their best possible vision so they can stay focused on the next win. The pros trust their eyes to Boston Lasik, and you can too. 

Dedicated To
& Innovation

Boston Lasik has a long history of working with academic partners in the Boston area. We pride ourselves on being a practice that advances our field as we work with academic researchers and the next generation of ophthalmologists. At Boston Lasik, our team has celebrated accomplishments such as establishing a fellowship training program, leading conferences at the Harvard Department of Ophthalmology, publishing textbooks and peer-reviewed articles, advancing the LASIK procedure, and more.