Why Not LASIK For $299?

If you’ve looked at your options for LASIK in your area, you’ve likely seen advertisements for LASIK at seemingly great prices. When looking at the cost of a LASIK procedure, it’s normal to feel put off and to look elsewhere for a better deal. It’s important to know that trying to find low-cost LASIK is impossible at best and dangerous to your health at worst. Here are a few reasons that $299 LASIK is a bad idea.

Low-Cost LASIK Doesn’t Add Up

Today’s LASIK procedures are performed using some of the most advanced laser technologies available in order to provide the most precise, low-risk experience. It’s easy to imagine these laser platforms and the skills required to use them are not cheap. This means the cost of LASIK should reflect the cost of the technology, skills, and care put into your procedure to ensure you get the best results possible. If you opt for cheaper LASIK, you may be getting outdated technology that comes with a higher risk of complication.

$299 Is Never the Final Price

When advertising low-cost LASIK, providers will intentionally obscure the “fine print” to make it seem like the best offer available. However, these disclaimers will often include language that clarifies the $299 price is only for a very limited demographic based on prescription or other factors – whereas for the average patient, the price will be similar to an average LASIK procedure. Unfortunately, many of these details are only revealed during a consultation.

“I recently had PRK with Dr. Melki. He answered all my initial questions and many follow up questions. He is very honest and explained everything clearly. He is clearly at the top of his profession. The surgery went smoothly and Dr. Melki and his staff were efficient and professional. I trust Dr. Melki.”

Joe M

You’ll Get What You Pay For

When it comes to your vision and your health, finding the cheapest possible treatment is never advisable. That’s because the cost directly translates to the quality of care. If you opt for cheap LASIK, then your results will be comparable – and may cost you more in the long run when you need a corrective procedure or still need to wear glasses or contacts. Seeking out a knowledgeable and experienced provider regardless of the cost should be your priority when considering your LASIK options. After all, a provider that tries to scam you into a cheaper procedure is likely cutting corners elsewhere.

LASIK in Boston, MA

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