4 Signs That it’s Time to Visit an Eye Doctor

Your eye doctor is a vital resource for a lifetime of good eye health. From a qualified eye doctor, you can learn about eye health, corrective lenses and corrective laser eye surgery options. Boston Eye Group wants to educate patients about their eye corrective options such as LASIK vision corrective surgery.

You should have a scheduled routine appointment with your eye doctor to check for problems, but here are some signs that an immediate appointment might be necessary:

Constant Eye Strain

If your eyes are consistently strained or if you have headaches associated with squinting and reading problems, then you should consult with your eye doctor. You may have undiagnosed myopia or hyperopia that can be treated with corrective lenses or with laser vision correction.

Red Swollen Symptoms

Experiencing itchy or reddened eyes every once in a while is typically just an indication of minor irritation or eye strain, but if you experience these symptoms regularly or if they are extreme, then you may want to seek professional diagnosis.

Fever and Eye Pain

Fever and eye pain can be an indication of a bacterial infection and needs to be treated early to prevent damage to the eye and vision loss.

Corrective Lens Problems

If you already wear corrective lenses and they are causing you problems with either eye strain or as a physical impediment, then you may want to consider LASIK eye correction. Unlike corrective lenses, LASIK is a long-term solution to vision problems. Talk to your eye doctor to see if LASIK corrective procedures are appropriate for your eye condition.

You can learn more LASIK eye correction and eye care options by contacting Boston Eye Group. If you are a Boston resident who is interested in laser corrective surgery, call (617) 566-0062 to schedule an appointment with us today.