A Complete Overview of the CustomVue LASIK Procedure

Over the last decade, millions of Americans have discovered the benefits that laser eye surgery can bring to their vision. Using advanced FDA-approved devices such as the CustomVue, LASIK surgeons can offer precise and accurate results for patients with vision problems, including refractive errors. Here is a complete overview of the CustomVue LASIK procedure:

Analyze the Condition of the Eye

  • The first step in treating the eye with CustomVue technology is to scan the eye to determine the extent of its imperfections. CustomVue is able to perform this analysis 25 times more accurately than standard LASIK technology, which means the patient will receive more precise treatment and better results.

Create an Effective Treatment Plan

  • After a laser vision correction surgeon has used the CustomVue device to scan the eye, he or she will transfer the results to another component of the system that will guide tailored treatment of the individual’s eye. This data is paired with the VISX Star S4 IR Excimer Laser, the surgeon’s main tool during the procedure.

Reshape the Cornea to Treat Refractive Errors

  • Using the VISX Star S4 IR, the eye surgeon will then begin the process of reshaping the cornea in order to correct such refractive errors as myopia and astigmatism. Because of its precise measurements, CustomVue LASIK is able to correct even the most severely misshapen corneas.

Guide Patient through Successful Recovery

  • After the CustomVue LASIK procedure is completed, the medical team will help ensure a smooth recovery for patients. Those recovering can expect to see halos or ghost images and have itchy or dry eyes. Once these possible side effects subside, patients will enjoy improved sight and a reduced dependency on glasses.

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