An Eye Health Guide for Contact Wearers

Wearing contacts is a great way to improve vision. However, since contacts lie directly on the eyes, it’s important to follow proper care and maintenance instructions in order to avoid eye irritation, infection, and other problems. Here’s some information contact wearers should know to keep their eyes and vision healthy while wearing contact lenses:

Choosing Contacts

  • There are a number of contact lens types available today. Soft disposable lenses are popular because they are thrown away after a short period of use, which lowers the risk of developing an infection. Other contact types available include rigid gas-permeable lenses and special lenses made for people who have eye conditions such as presbyopia and astigmatism. No matter which type you choose, it’s important to follow your eye doctor’s advice concerning proper care and usage.

Washing Hands

  • The eyes can become easily infected, so it’s crucial to wash your hands thoroughly when handling contact lenses. Scrub your hands using soap that does not contain scents, oils, or lotions, since these items can be absorbed by the contacts and result in eye irritation. Afterwards, dry your hands with a clean towel.

Cleaning Lenses

  • Properly cleaning contact lenses is important for reducing the risk of infection. When cleaning, be sure to rub the lenses with properly sanitized fingertips and then rinse the contacts in solution. Afterwards, place the contacts in their case with fresh solution for at least three minutes. Always use fresh solution from the bottle to clean lenses, and never use water, which contains bacteria.

Storing Lenses

  • Contacts should always be stored properly. First, remove any old solution from your contacts case, rinse with fresh solution, and then air dry. Once the case is dry, put new solution in the case, remove your contacts, and then place the contacts in the fresh solution. You should replace your case every three months, since bacteria can develop over time.

Properly caring for contacts will keep your vision sharp and your eyes healthy. Stop by Boston Laser if you have further questions about your contacts or how to permanently correct your vision using LASIK laser eye surgery. Call us today at (617) 566-0062.