Comparing Getting LASIK to the Continued Use of Prescription Contact Lenses

There is a commonly held belief that wearing contact lenses is safer than LASIK corrective surgery. However, recent studies have proven this notion wrong; LASIK is incredibly safe, and prolonged contact lens use carries its own risks. Thanks to new scientific developments, laser eye surgery has become a serious competitor of prescription lenses. Here are just some of the benefits of choosing laser vision correction over the continued use of prescription contact lenses:


  • In recent years, laser eye surgery has drastically improved. According to recent studies, the risk of prolonged contact lens use is greater than the risk of undergoing LASIK surgery. Users of contact lenses are more likely to violate their doctors’ orders over the years, such as wearing their contacts at night or forgetting to wash their hands prior to insertion. These mistakes can lead to infection and related complications.


  • When you add up the cost of your contact lenses, contact lens solutions, eye appointments, and accessory purchases over the years, the price will likely exceed that of laser eye surgery. Over the course of a decade, you may spend up to six thousand dollars on your contact lenses! LASIK surgery is much more affordable, even state-of-the-art, custom applications of laser eye surgery. If you’re worried about paying a large amount up front for LASIK, fear not. Most practitioners offer financing options, allowing you to pay over time.


  • In order to safely wear contact lenses, you must remove them after a certain number of hours of wear. Wearing your prescription lenses overnight is dangerous and can cause serious infections, irritation, and damage to the eye. Most contact lens wearers also have to supplement these corrective lenses with eyeglasses, which can be expensive and inconvenient to wear. With LASIK surgery, you never have to sacrifice your vision. Permanent laser vision correction allows you to wake up and see clearly, not to mention eliminates the worry of lost, broken, or scratched contact lenses or glasses.

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