Eye Care Tips to Ensure Your Best Eyesight

Many people are unsure what steps should be taken to protect their eyes. Although establishing a proper eye care routine is easy, confusion can often prevent people from taking care of their eyes. Take a look at the Boston Eye Group’s myth and fact page on eye care to see if your eye care beliefs are misguided, and read this article to learn exactly how to care for them.

Regular Eye Exams

The absolute best way to care for your eyes is to schedule routine eye exams with your eye doctor. Your doctor checks for total eye health and will find potential health issues before they manifest as real problems. Visiting your doctor regularly allows you to voice any concerns that you may have that you might otherwise ignore. Your doctor is the best resource about vision correction for myopia and hyperopia with lenses or laser surgery.

Vision Correction

Most vision problems can be fixed with corrective lenses or laser surgery. Lenses, either glasses or contacts, are recommended for youths and young adults with imperfect vision. Laser surgery, or LASIK, is usually recommended for adults as a long-term solution for eyesight problems. Lenses and laser correction are affordable and simple solutions to vision issues. Despite the ease and availability of eye care solutions, many with vision impairment do not seek help from eye care professionals or avoid corrective options, but LASIK surgery is easier, more affordable, and safer than ever.

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