LASIK Questions: How safe is it?

If you’re interested in crystal-clear vision and giving up the hassle of glasses and contacts, you’ve probably considered laser vision correction. For the right candidate, that bright-eyed, spectacle-free look is just one easy procedure away.

LASIK surgery is one of the safest and most successful surgical procedures performed today.

  • The Federal Drug Administration, the bureau of the national government responsible for citizen health and wellness, has fully approved LASIK as a safe and effective procedure. The FDA requires rounds of testing and analysis for a new innovation to clear its rigorous standards. Given these strict examinations, those considering LASIK can rest assured that the research behind this surgery has been proven effective and safe by the highest and strictest authority in medical procedures.
  • The success rate of LASIK surgery is one of the highest of all medical procedures. The complication rate is extremely low, making it one of the safest surgical procedures in modern medicine. Fewer than 1 in 100 patients have side effects, such as less than perfect vision or chronic dry eyes, after undergoing LASIK.
  • Leading medical professionals are constantly seeking to improve on even the simplest and most effective surgeries, like LASIK. Recently developed LASIK methods have further increased the rate of success—already almost 99% for leading eye surgeons. These innovations also help reduce patient side effects, allowing you to see clearly and freely very soon after your LASIK procedure.

LASIK is one of the fastest, easiest, and most successful surgeries in all of the medical field. Approved by the FDA and performed by leading surgeons at the Boston Eye Group, or Boston Laser. LASIK offers a great alternative to clunky glasses and uncomfortable contacts. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call us at (617) 566-0062 or visit our website.