Looking for the Best in Eye Care Information?

Did you enjoy our recent blog topics about when to see an eye doctor and the anatomy of the eye? If so, then these websites about the eye and LASIK procedures should be interesting to you.

  • Take a look at this web site to learn about the importance of routine eye exams and the difference between a vision screening and a full exam.
  • Look here for a symptom flowchart for eye symptoms. This guideline for understanding possible eye problems can help you understand when to seek medical advice.
  • This article discusses a recent report which shows that most people with vision problems could achieve normal vision with proper eye care and corrective measures.
  • You will learn about different parts of the eye from this information page produced by the American Optometic Association.
  • Play around with this interactive diagram that illustrates the anatomy of the eye and allows you to examine areas up close.
  • If you do not know what questions to ask your eye doctor, then look at this helpful guide from the National Eye Institute to take an active role in your eye care.
  • Taking care of your eyes is a full-time job, and eye strain is a major contributor to vision problems. Learn some ways to prevent eye strain from this blog page.
  • Here is a page for young adults and teens that gives tips on caring for your eyes and dealing with vision problems.
  • Mayo Clinic has this article to help you prepare for laser surgery and to tell you what to expect from your procedure.
  • If you are not sure whether LASIK surgery is for you, then take a look at this handout from the American Academy of Ophthalmology to learn more about the procedure.

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