Myths About LASIK Surgery

LASIK surgery has quickly become a popular vision correction method due to its efficacy and permanence. However, even with its growing popularity, many individuals are still wary of the myths and misconceptions surrounding LASIK surgery. Boston Vision is proud to provide safe, transformative LASIK operations, and our knowledgeable staff can help debunk some of the most common myths about LASIK surgery.

Wearing Contacts Before LASIK

The most common myth surrounding LASIK deals with the use of contacts—the misconceptions suggest
that patients cannot wear contacts for months before their procedure. However, the reality is less strict- most eye surgeons recommend avoiding contacts for only 3 days before LASIK surgery. The reason why you can’t wear contacts before LASIK is largely so that your cornea can return to its natural shape which helps with overall results.

Bloodshot Eyes After LASIK

It’s fairly common for people to fear permanent bloodshot eyes after LASIK surgery, but red or bloodshot eyes are rarely permanent following LASIK. Bloodshot eyes can be a symptom, but it will dissipate along with dryness within a few days.

Food To Avoid After LASIK

While maintaining a healthy diet is generally recommended for overall well-being, there is no specific list of foods to avoid post-LASIK. A balanced, nutrient-filled diet and optimal hydration can significantly improve your recovery period, however, and the Boston Vision eye surgeons can help guide you toward a healthy diet.

LASIK Surgery Advantages

There are many myths surrounding LASIK, but beyond that, there are numerous little-known advantages to LASIK surgery, including:

Immediate Results and Quick Recovery

LASIK patients often experience clearer vision within hours of their operation, and the recovery period is relatively short. Additionally, LASIK allows individuals to resume normal activities swiftly.

Freedom from Glasses and Contacts

LASIK surgery provides long-term vision correction without the need for vision aids that create unnecessary constraints or discomfort.

Enhanced Precision and Personalization

Advancements in technology have made LASIK surgery highly customizable, helping to continuously increase the success rate of results.

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Dispelling myths about LASIK surgery is crucial for individuals considering this life-changing procedure. By separating fact from fiction, Boston Vision hopes to assist potential patients in their decisions, providing all the information we can to ensure long-term eye health. To get started or see if you could be a LASIK candidate, schedule a consultation.