Protecting Your Vision!

Knowledge is a powerful tool in protecting and maintaining your vision. Here are some links to news stories and organizations related to vision impairments and treatments.

  • Video game therapy may be able to improve the vision of adults with lazy eyes. Read this article from Medicine.Net for more on this new research.
  • The American Optometric Association has a fact sheet on macular degeneration, cataracts, and more. Learn about the causes of low vision and how many millions of Americans are affected.
  • WebMD has ten key facts you should know about LASIK. If your considering this popular surgery, you’ll find this link helpful.
  • Cataracts are more common in adults over 50, but the condition isn’t exclusive to that age group. Check out this article about cataracts in infants.
  • Eye surgery can vastly improve your vision. Find out how a woman’s life changed for the better with an implanted lens from
  • Regular eye exams can keep your vision healthy in all stages of life. The CDC research suggests more and more Americans are skipping out on eye exams. Learn what eye exams can do for your vision.
  • A scientist in Los Angeles has designed some state-of-the-art eyeglasses that let you change their focus on the fly. Read more with this article from The New York Times.
  • If your considering laser eye surgery, know what to expect in the recovery process. has a page of testimonials from patients on their laser eye surgery recovery.
  • Children sometimes have trouble wearing their eyeglasses consistently for various reasons. The Women and Children’s Health Network has some kid-to-kid advice for children new to glasses.
  • Be proactive about protecting your vision as you age. Check out this article from the AARP all about the effects of aging on your eyes.

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