Some Helpful Resources

Though we might go weeks without even thinking about them, the health and function of our eyes are crucial to virtually every daily activity. After all, you wouldn’t even be reading this sentence if you suffered from an advanced eye condition.

Luckily, most common eye conditions can be prevented by keeping the following tips in mind:

  • This article from a specialist in children’s vision provides tips on how to care for your eyes while staring at screens. The author suggests customizing lighting and blinking often, among other helpful hints.
  • This list of helpful eye maintenance tips includes keeping a healthy weight and scheduling regular trips to the eye doctor. Eating healthy and exercise may seem like obvious ways to keep your body healthy, but these activities will help your eyes, too.
  • This article from MSNBC lists the best foods to eat in order to keep your vision sharp.
  • An organization for Eastern practices offers an interesting and innovative procedure for treating and preventing ocular ailments: Eye yoga.
  • Though it can’t prevent you poking yourself in the eye with a mascara wand for the millionth time, this site offers a list of natural makeups that are good for the eye, and what to avoid to keep your smoky eye shadow from leaving your vision smoky.

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