Special Eye Care Tips for Seniors

As we age, our vision tends to become poorer. We also become susceptible to conditions like cataracts. If not prevented and treated properly, vision loss can dramatically decrease quality of life.

Here are some special eye care tips for seniors.

  • Regular Checkups

There is a connection between the condition of our vision and our general well being. For this reason, it is important to have regular checkups with your doctor. Conditions like diabetes, for example, can have negative effects on vision. Seniors are particularly susceptible to diabetes, and it is important that they monitor their blood sugar levels. If you have recently found out that you are diabetic, it is important to visit an eye doctor and keep close track of your vision.

  • Regular Eye Exams

In addition to visiting your doctor, it is also a good idea to visit your eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam every year. With most eye diseases, early detection can significantly improve treatment results. Your eye doctor will be able to catch eye diseases even before any symptoms arise. Eye doctors can also examine the strength of your eye muscles and test for glaucoma. Regular eye exams are the best way to maintain your vision and catch problems early.

  • Precautionary Measures

Seniors should also stay away from activities that could be damaging to the eyes. For example, seniors should avoid prolonged exposure to intense sunlight and television or computer screens. If you are watching television or using a computer, it is important to maintain a safe distance from the screen and limit the duration of your viewing sessions.

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