The Advantages and Disadvantages of LASIK Surgery – Everything you Need to Know!

We have heard it many times, “Eyes are the windows to our soul”. There are many people who believe this phrase to be true. People’s eyes are like the gateway to some door, we give and take vibes and they always speak the truth. If you are to open your eyes and make an eye contact to the other person when communicating, you will see that some people have real truth, there are others that are afraid, while some are intimidated. Also, it is in the eyes where we can see the innocence and truest interests of the people. Our eyes define who we truly are from the inside. It shows the reality of ourselves, unfortunately for us, many haven’t genuinely realize and appreciate their importance.

Out of all our senses, human body uses this sense of sight the most. Vision is an occurring process which includes continuous interaction between the human’s nervous system, bran and the eyes. When we look at an object, what we really see is light which the object reflects. Technically speaking, our eyes are well protected since they lie within the bony sockets of our skulls. Meanwhile the eyelids are responsible for protecting the eyes in front. It is a natural defense activity for the eyes to blink at the average of once every six seconds, washing the eyes with salty secretion. However, these protections  are never enough to keep them protected at all times and maintain a healthy vision. When we take them for granted we commonly develop eye problems and diseases.

Common eye conditions and problems by people include myopia in which only nearby objects are distinct. This is also referred to nearsightedness. On contrary, the ability to only distinct far away objects is called farsightedness or hyperopia. Astigmatism is another common problem which is define as a condition when images appear to be blurred regardless if they are near or far. People ages 50 years old often develop eye condition called Aging Eye or presbyopia. In case you are one of those sufferers of any eye conditions mentioned, perhaps you have already been hearing about surgical procedure – LASIK to reduce our dependency on contact lenses and glasses and improve vision. LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis that permanently changes the shape of the eye’s clear covering – cornea.

How do you know what’s best for your eye condition? In this article you will find an in-depth look into the benefits and some disadvantages of LASIK eye surgery which will surely help you make a more informed choice.

The Advantages of LASIK Surgery

1. LASIK is Highly Precise Results to Fewer significant complications

The technique uses excimer laser, it usually starts with the thin flap’s creation. With different techniques available today, LASIK is considered more desirable from the rest because of the procedure’s precision and fewer significant complications.

2. LASIK has Long-Lasting Results.

The stabilization period usually takes 3 months where the eyes adjust, following this period LASIK result is permanent. Patients would not need to undergo any follow-up procedures unless advice by surgeons due to normal loss of eyesight cause by illness and aging. With modern techniques, it is very much possible that this procedure can last a lifetime.

3. Fast Results and fast recovery.

In general, laser treatment through LASIK procedure takes less than one minute per eye. Perhaps, the patient will need to stay for about 60 – 90 minutes in doctr’s office after the surgery but you are expected to be comfortable during the procedure. Most patients can see improvements of their natural vision immediately after the process. The next day, patients can see well enough.

4. No more glasses, no more contacts.

The technique is designed to improve vision thus there’s no need to go out and purchase expensive prescription glasses and contact lenses. Take them off and go for your new look and style that you ever wanted.

5. Develop Higher Self-Esteem, Improves Social Life

After the surgery, wearing glasses and contact lenses will not be in your daily routine anymore. There have been many patients who claimed that they now feel more confident with their selves and have better career opportunities. There are some who even decided to take up new hobbies and engage in sports which they once felt restricted to do when wearing glasses and lenses. As they become confident with themselves, they have learned to do more activities and relate to more and more people improving their social lives.

The Potential Risks Associated with LASIK Surgery

1. Dry Eye Syndrome

Following the surgery, the eyes may not be able to produce enough tears to make it comfortable and moist. Intensive drop therapy may be needed to reduce the discomfort.

2. Not Reversible

We have to understand that the procedure is done in the most sensitive part of our eyes. Therefore this procedure is not reversible.

3. Decrease in Sharpness and Contrast Sensitivity

Clients may experience difficulty in situations of low contrast, example at night. Even with good vision during the vision test, objects may have the tendency to appear fuzzy.

LASIK surgery has been an affective procedures wherein most people are satisfied with their visions after undergoing the procedures. However, just like everything, getting a surgery does come with some risks. The risks associated are typically explained thoroughly by surgeons before the procedures, this should be the “informed consent” process.

The key to improve your sight and maintaining good vision always come with proper self preparation for the LASIK eye surgery. It is highly advise the you will meet an adviser who can discuss all the important details during and after the surgery. At your meeting during the surgeon, your eye conditions will be carefully checked, evaluated and tested. It is also very important that your medical history will be reviewed by your surgeon prior to performing the surgery. Most importantly, you should ask further questions which you may have. Afterwards, you could book and appointment for your procedure.

Remember our eyes are essential organs of our body. We should never take them for granted!