Understanding the Different LASIK Types

Refractive error is a vision disorder in which the eye is unable to clearly focus images from the outside world due to an irregularly shaped cornea. The most common refractive errors include myopia or nearsightedness, hyperopia or farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia. While prescription glasses and contact lenses can be used to improve visual acuity for individuals with such refractive errors—a number of us would prefer a more permanent solution. Fortunately, many laser eye surgeons offer different types of LASIK surgery to effectively treat these refractive errors.

Traditional LASIK

  • LASIK stands for laser assisted in situ Keratomileusis. During conventional LASIK surgery, your eye surgeon will create a flap in your cornea using a microkeratome device before altering the shape of your cornea with an excimer laser.

CustomVue LASIK

  • CustomVue LASIK is an innovative laser eye surgery procedure that utilizes WaveScan technology, allowing your eye surgeon to identify and measure eye imperfections with up to 25 times more precision than those methods used for traditional LASIK, PRK, contacts, and prescription glasses. After administering anesthetic drops into your eyes, your eye surgeon will create a small flap in your cornea using the individualized treatment plan that has been transferred into the laser by the WaveScan system. CustomVue LASIK offers almost immediate results and most patients find that their vision continues to improve over the days following the procedure.

IntraLase LASIK

  • IntraLase LASIK is a blade-free laser eye surgery method that creates the corneal flap using a laser rather than a microkeratome. This computer-guided procedure uses the IntraLase laser to deliver rapid pulses of laser light at a pre-determined depth and position within the cornea. The laser creates microscopic bubbles that connect to form a smooth corneal flap that can be easily lifted, providing your eye surgeon with unmatched precision and accuracy.

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