What is the WaveScan WaveFront System?

Originally developed for use in high-powered telescopes to reduce visual distortions, WaveScan technology is now an essential tool used in the field of ophthalmology and laser eye surgery. WaveScan technology is now used to measure imperfections of the eye that are immeasurable using the standard methods for contact lenses and prescription eyeglasses.

The WaveFront System

  • The WaveScan WaveFront system is an ophthalmic instrument used by laser eye surgeons to create a custom-tailored correction map of the eye by measuring the wavefront aberrations and level of refractive error. Utilizing a Hartmann-Shack wavefront sensor, this technology is used to diagnose regular or sphero-cylindrical refractive errors as well as irregularities of the eye that lead to blurry vision.

Advantages of WaveScan

  • Unlike other measurement methods, WaveScan WaveFront technology can identify and measure imperfections with up to 25 times more accuracy. This information is then transcribed into a specific set of instructions to ensure optimal precision and control during laser vision correction surgery.
  • In addition to providing for customized laser vision correction, the WaveScan WaveFront system offers difference maps that allow surgeons to track the changes of the eye for use during preoperative and postsurgical comparisons. This technology also provides Fourier-based wavelength algorithms to deliver information on the wavefront error with the highest resolution available. Furthermore, these algorithms use more data points in order to create an optimal shape, and can also use all of the data taken from any pupil shape.

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