Which Type of LASIK Surgery is Right for You?

LASIK is a form of eye surgery that uses lasers to correct vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. For most patients, LASIK is very effective for restoring vision and has few side effects. Depending on the patient’s specific eye condition, a certain type of LASIK surgery may be better suited to treat the problem. Discuss the following LASIK treatment options with your surgeon so that you can decide which type is ideal for you:

Conventional LASIK

  • Many people choose to undergo conventional LASIK surgery because it has been successfully used for a number of years. In conventional LASIK surgery, a super-acute excimer laser is used to restructure the cornea to accurately direct light to the retina, correcting vision problems. This form of LASIK will allow you to see well without the need for corrective glasses or contact lenses. Side effects for conventional LASIK are uncommon but can potentially include dry eyes right after surgery, minor glare, and decreased night vision.

Wavefront-Optimized LASIK

  • This form of LASIK is similar to conventional surgery in that it takes into account the patient’s current glasses prescription and compensates accordingly. However, in contrast to the conventional method, wavefront-optimized LASIK uses a 3D image of the eye as a model for the surgery, which often results in 20/20 vision and the ability to see fine details better once the procedure is complete. Patients who undergo the wavefront-optimized treatment also have a decreased risk of side-effects.

Wavefront-Guided LASIK

  • Wavefront-guided LASIK treats basic eye problems much like conventional LASIK does, but takes treatment a step further. Before performing wavefront-guided surgery, the ophthalmologist gets a detailed map of minor irregularities in the patient’s eye. During surgery, these irregularities are corrected, resulting in clearer vision.

When deciding on LASIK surgery, it’s important to remember that some treatments are more effective than others for some patients. At Boston Laser, we take pride in helping our patients find the best treatment available to correct their vision. Call us today at (617) 566-0062 to learn how you can benefit from LASIK treatment.