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    Important Eye Health Information

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Boston Laser is greater Boston’s premier choice for custom, state-of-the-art LASIK eye surgery. We also offer cosmetic surgery, other vision correction procedures, and financing options for your convenience. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call (617) 566-0062 or visit our website. For important eye health and vision information, read through the following articles.

    • WebMD reports that LASIK surgery may be safer than wearing contact lenses.
    • If you’ve recently received laser eye surgery, explore this article from regarding recovery.
    • If you’re a parent, have your child examined by an ophthalmologist. Studies show that standard kids’ vision tests don’t always catch common eye problems. 

    What Factors Increase the Chance of Developing Glaucoma?

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Glaucoma occurs when fluid builds up in the eye and increases pressure. If the disease is treated early using laser eye surgery and other procedures, the risk of vision impairment associated with glaucoma can largely be avoided. Here are some factors you should know about that increase the chance of developing glaucoma:


    • Although glaucoma affects many different people from all walks of life, some races are more susceptible to the disease than others. African Americans are much more likely to get the disease than people of European descent and are also more likely to develop glaucoma earlier in life, as compared with other ethnic groups. Asians and Latinos are also at high risk for developing certain types of glaucoma.


    • People with diabetes are at a high risk for developing glaucoma, since high blood sugar can damage the eyes and cause fluid to build up. Compared with the general population, diabetics are much more likely to develop glaucoma. Diabetics should schedule regular eye exams with their eye doctors in order to prevent serious medical conditions, such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy, from developing.


    • As people age, their likelihood of developing eye problems increases. Generally, people who are 60 and over are at a higher risk of developing glaucoma.


    • Like many medical conditions, glaucoma can be passed on through genes. Individuals who have a family history of glaucoma are more likely to develop the disease when compared with the general population. If someone in your immediate family has been diagnosed with glaucoma and you have other risk factors for this disease, schedule a wellness exam with your eye doctor.

    As with any other health concern, the best way of preventing or treating glaucoma is to visit an experienced eye doctor early for screening. To learn more about glaucoma treatment and vision correction procedures such as LASIK, visit Boston Laser on the web or call us at (617) 566-0062.

    Watch This Video to Learn More about LASIK Eye Surgery

    Last updated 2 years ago

    LASIK surgery is an effective way to improve vision and eliminate the need to wear glasses or contacts. In addition to being an incredibly safe procedure with few side effects, LASIK surgery can be completed in a matter of minutes.

    This video explores the basics of LASIK eye surgery, including how the procedure uses laser light to repair vision problems. After watching, viewers will understand what LASIK is, have a good overview of the eye conditions the procedure treats, and know what happens during a LASIK operation. 

    Many eye doctors prefer LASIK because the procedure is proven safe and effective. To learn more about LASIK treatment and whether the surgery is right for you, call the experts at Boston Laser at (617) 566-0062.

    Which Type of LASIK Surgery is Right for You?

    Last updated 2 years ago

    LASIK is a form of eye surgery that uses lasers to correct vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. For most patients, LASIK is very effective for restoring vision and has few side effects. Depending on the patient’s specific eye condition, a certain type of LASIK surgery may be better suited to treat the problem. Discuss the following LASIK treatment options with your surgeon so that you can decide which type is ideal for you:

    Conventional LASIK

    • Many people choose to undergo conventional LASIK surgery because it has been successfully used for a number of years. In conventional LASIK surgery, a super-acute excimer laser is used to restructure the cornea to accurately direct light to the retina, correcting vision problems. This form of LASIK will allow you to see well without the need for corrective glasses or contact lenses. Side effects for conventional LASIK are uncommon but can potentially include dry eyes right after surgery, minor glare, and decreased night vision.

    Wavefront-Optimized LASIK

    • This form of LASIK is similar to conventional surgery in that it takes into account the patient’s current glasses prescription and compensates accordingly. However, in contrast to the conventional method, wavefront-optimized LASIK uses a 3D image of the eye as a model for the surgery, which often results in 20/20 vision and the ability to see fine details better once the procedure is complete. Patients who undergo the wavefront-optimized treatment also have a decreased risk of side-effects.

    Wavefront-Guided LASIK

    • Wavefront-guided LASIK treats basic eye problems much like conventional LASIK does, but takes treatment a step further. Before performing wavefront-guided surgery, the ophthalmologist gets a detailed map of minor irregularities in the patient’s eye. During surgery, these irregularities are corrected, resulting in clearer vision.

    When deciding on LASIK surgery, it’s important to remember that some treatments are more effective than others for some patients. At Boston Laser, we take pride in helping our patients find the best treatment available to correct their vision. Call us today at (617) 566-0062 to learn how you can benefit from LASIK treatment. 

    Learn More About LASIK

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Keeping your vision in good shape is one of the most important health considerations you can make. In today’s world, you have a lot options for improving your vision, including through contact lenses, LASIK eye surgery, and other treatments. Check out the articles below to learn more about LASIK, and then call Boston Laser at (617) 566-0062 to schedule a free LASIK evaluation in Boston!

    • Learn all about LASIK eye surgery at
    • Get all the information you need to know about contact lenses at

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