Dr Samir Melki MD - Leading Boston Lasik Surgeon


With the successful completion of a fellowship in Cornea and Refractive Surgery, Samir Melki, MD, Ph.D., is well adept in his field. His accomplishments are unquestionable, since prior to the aforementioned, he ascertained a BS from the American University situated in Beirut. He subsequently out did himself with a Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University and later attained, at the Georgetown University, an Ophthalmology residency.

As founder of the Boston Eye group in 2000, Dr. Melki followed a course of practice focused on academics and was welcomed in the family of MEEI, offering Cornea related services in 2007. This privilege was only extended for a short time. His accomplishments and impact on society did not halt there, as he’s been serving since 2005, as a Medical Director for Ophthalmology at UKSH. He oversaw approximately 20,000 procedures, all cataract oriented.

Though still active in participating in MEEI’s fellowship program, his other mentoring programs include those at Boston Eye Group and Boston University. Clinically, he’s well taken up with Cataract Corneal and Refractive Surgery. Dr. Melki is actively involved in his area. With various accomplishments such as peer-reviewed articles, at least 3 textbooks on the market and engagement in International and US meetings, he’s completed above 11,000 refractive procedures since 1998.

Paving the way for other doctors, Dr, Melki was counted as the first individual to install a phakic IOL in Boston and a device during a cataract procedure. This device was used to determine the intraocular pressure in an individual who was at the time suffering from glaucoma. At best, he organized various instruments implemented for surgery and played a principal role in introducing Keratoprosthesis surgery in areas such as South West England and Lebanon. His foremost involvement includes keratoconus patients to determine corneal collagen.